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Charles N. Steele

There more I listen to advocates of climate change, the more skeptical I become. The real problem to me is empirical: they seem to be very good at showing after the fact that whatever happens is evidence of global warming, but unable to forecast worth a darn.

Here's a rather boring example from Union of Concerned Scientists:


Charles N. Steele

Followup to my previous comment. Pieces such as that in the link I provided aren't scientific papers (which understandably tend to be too technical for non-specialists) but purport to be summaries of scientific literature for the educated layman. So where are the summaries of specific forecasts and predictions for future in this and like summaries? Everything in that paper, and everything else I've seen, is ad hoc "retrodiction," after-the-fact rationalizations. Nothing could happen that can't somehow be worked into the AGW narrative, given enough ingenuity. I've even heard scientists suggest global warming could bring an ice age.

I do think the greenhouse effect from various gasses is real; statements of net effects on climate strike me as WAGs at best.

J. Reed Anderson

Wound up in the middle of it, John. My son and I left from a funeral in Beloit Friday afternoon and arrived at my cousin's house in Robbinsdale as the storm hit. My cousin's boyfriend spent three hours Saturday snowblowing, and my son help push cars up a hill across from the house. After that, we sat in the garage, I smoked a cigar, they had a couple of beers and cigarettes, and we watched the cars and snow gather. I've been in bigger blizzards, but for an April blizzard this was all right.

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