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Charles N.Steele

Regarding what motivates Islamists like Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh, Al Qaeda, etc., I'm halfway through Sayyid Qtub's "Milestones." Qtub is the primary inspiration/theoretician for the most violent factions of the Muslim Brotherhood (e.g. AQ, ISIS) and his "Milestones" one of his most important works. It's *NOT* motivated by colonialism or western intervention or bombing or anything -- it's a work of Islamic theology, and very little of what the West does matters for his argument. He argues that Muslims have a duty to impose Muslim rule on the entire world, and that this is what the Koran ultimately is about. He even discusses the cases of foreign countries that leave the Muslim word entirely alone, asking just to be left to their own ways, and says this cannot be accepted.

The book (which I find well-written and interesting) is a book of Islamic theology. It's not about outrage over Western policy. The Islamists themselves entirely reject the feminist "defenses" of Islamism. I'm afraid our Western girls really have gone crazy.

John Pepple

Yes, this is exactly right. I saw this after the Shah left Iran, and to my surprise, learned that lots of leftists were murdered by the Muslims. It seemed incredible since both groups had worked hard to overthrow the Shah. Why murder your own allies? But that's what they did, and it showed to me quite early on that Muslims were allied with neither the free world nor the socialist world. They had their own dreams of world domination, dreams which leftists in the West still refuse to acknowledge.

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