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Charles N.Steele

Excellent commentary on what should have happened and how leftist/progressive elitists went awry. I concur.

Two additional observations:

1. "The left" is fairly well-defined, but "the right" covers such a wide variety of positions that it verges on useless. Libertarians and American constitutional conservatives are "right," but so are, say, czarists wishing to restore the Russian monarchy, yet they have basically nothing in common. And even less in common with Islamists. Grouping them and others under a common label seems to me to confuse the issues.

2. Note the weird double-standard of the left. Confronted with Islamists (who would happily kill them), they preach apology, being nice, acceptance of "the other," and the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism. Confronted with a Trump supporter (who basically wants to be left alone by leftist govt), they scream "Deplorable! Resistance!"

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