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Charles N. Steele

When you return, take a look at the UN IPCC climate scam. The new report SR15 calls for limiting warming to 1.5C. But when one reads the report, the whole thing is about global income redistribution and achieving the UN's millennium development goals; it's a bait-and-switch. And Econ Nobel winner William Nordhaus' work on climate finds that limiting warming to 1.5 C is unwarranted and would cost trillions of dollars more than any benefits it allegedly provides.

John Pepple

Ugh. One thing about redistributions I only briefly touched on in my last book is that lots of poor people don't know what to do with a sudden infusion of cash (as the stories of lottery winners who end up poor show). They think it's an infinite amount and end up squandering it all. The same seems to be true of countries as well.

Charles N.Steele

Don't worry about that -- if the redistribution were actually to occur (it won't, IPCC will fail) it would mostly go to the bureaucrats who cooked up and administer the scheme. Rich Persons' Leftism.

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