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Charles N.Steele

Back when I first heard of feminism I supposed it was about promoting rights of women, and I thought it was basically a good idea. But I've come to realize feminists don't care about women's rights at all. I first realized this when I was living in Russia and Ukraine, and women there explained to me why they opposed feminism -- they kept telling me they were for women's rights, but that western feminism is about hating men. I argued that they were wrong, but then would follow an encounter with American feminist women who would start kvetching about everything wrong with men -- mostly men's biological nature.

The idiocy of feminism is revealed when most of them insist there be "women only" sporting events, simultaneously insisting "women are equal in every way," and then willingly accepting male competitors who claim to be women and proceed to clobber the actual women. Those who don't agree are TERFs, and condemned as vile bigots.

You've occasionally observed that the logical progression of feminism is that they'll eventually all convert to fundamentalist Islam and don burkas, just to show their hatred of the West and solidarity with the anticolonialist Other.

Probably so, and sadly that might well be an improvement.

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