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Charles N.Steele

You are quite right. Boeing has a strong incentive to make safe aircraft: if they fail at this, they are liable for damages, and also no one will buy their aircraft in the future.

It's less clear that Ethiopian Airlines has such incentive, as it is a government-owned carrier.

While we are talking incentives, the EU has a strong incentive to blame Boeing. EU governments own large stakes in Airbus and subsidize it.

And American writers who hate all things American (because of Trump!) are piling on Boeing. I'm surprised they aren't directly blaming Trump, but I bet that's coming, since his Acting Sec't Defense is a former Boeing exec, now under fire for being a former Boeing exec.

John Pepple

Yes, I'm surprised that Boeing's stock hasn't gone straight down. Instead, it has had days in which it rose by $5.00.

I'm also surprised we haven't gotten a transcript of what was said in the cockpit yet. It shouldn't take this long since the flight wasn't very long. But I assume that if the pilots or the airline are at fault, they will take their time.

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