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Charles N. Steele

College endowments! Your wife's idea is right on target. Colleges endowments should be targeted according to how much debt their graduates have. If colleges failed to prepare students to pay off their debts, let colleges "pay back." True, some colleges might go bankrupt, but 1) since it's either them or students, let it be them, because 2) that will stop them from continuing the problem and 2) serve as incentive for others to shape up.

Also, state legislatures should start directing the funds they send to colleges to student debt relief instead. Let the the colleges start raising their own funds. If their services are of so little value that no one would voluntarily pay, let them improve their services or shut down. Either way it would be a win.

John Pepple

Those are all good ideas! Republicans should have no problem blowing away this socialism nonsense. If they put their minds to it, that is.

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