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J. Reed Anderson

Gramsci, John, and the Red Guard join forces. The biggest mistake made by the McCarthy Hearings was to make every criticism about the US a Communist attack. That gave the media and the Democrats (read Diana West's "American Betrayal") and their CPUSA fifth columnists all they needed to create the Red under every bed parody. Now, Gramsci is all around us, and ironically those infected with it are innumerate and illiterate.

Charles N. Steele

"Europe was multicultural." Bwahahahaha!

1. Then white, Western culture *IS* multicultural, since Europe was nothing but white Westerners.

2. Episodes like the Thirty Years War are great examples of how multiculturalism works.

Things from the Left are so increasingly stupid it's hard to know what to say. If they fully get their way, we'll be longing for the Islamists or Chinese or someone to take over, just to restore a modicum of sanity.

John Pepple

I'll take the Chinese

Charles N.Steele

Chinese? Me too.

BTW, there's some weak evidence that the Founding Fathers were influenced by the Iroquois Confederation, I think largely as an example of a constitution that distributes and limits powers, and protects individuals. One bit of evidence is that Adam Smith seems to have thought favorably of the Iroquois system, which he learned of from his friend, Ben Franklin.

The Constitution is Lockeian, but the principles are universal and some of the Founders may have thought the Indians also had discovered them.

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