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Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

Part of the ever-expanding scope of "racism" is the definition of Islamophobia, which is by definition a subset of racism. See
"Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness".
This is purported to be a definition, but is not very coherently stated. Islamophobia is "a type of racism". Is it any surprise then that this type of racism "is rooted in racism"? How does the first clause narrow down the definition of Islam? And in defining a term, it is bad practice to use another term ("Muslimness") that has never been defined. The FAQs at that site say that races do not exist, but Muslims constitute a race nevertheless. See also

John Pepple

Thanks for the comment. Yes, including Islamophobia as a type of racism is another example of what I'm talking about. And of course it's not surprising that a definition of it is incoherent.

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