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Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

"a grad student there who refused to fly on jets"

So, are propeller airplanes more environmentally friendly? Don't modern jets consumer less fossil fuel per passenger-mile?

John Pepple

I don't know, but let's say prop planes are better. Since there are no prop planes flying between America and England these days, she is stuck there. I think the objection, though, is that even if jets are better than prop planes, they still use a lot more fuel than a ship (I think). But a ship takes too long, so she is stuck in England. I'm guessing that this is what she would say.

Charles N.Steele

Really, can't she take a sailing vessel? That only would take 25-45 days and would be carbon neutral. I'm sure her work is so important everyone would wait, and the lengthy trip would give her plenty of time to rehearse and overcome her shyness. Alternatively, she could simply row herself over. The world record for a solo row across the Atlantic is 38 days; she could take it easy and do in twice the time.

These idiot-savant "elites" are racing to take themselves back to medieval times, i.e. pre-fossil fuel. I have no problem with that, so long as they don't impose such idiocy on those of us who want to live like modern, civilized people.

Charles N.Steele

Also, if the 2020 election is honest, Trump will definitely win.

Many people who voted for Trump in 2016 with great trepidation now are pleasantly surprised with his presidency. The "Russian collusion"fiasco is now obviously a hoax, and all the other Democrat talking points are calls for totalitarian socialism.

The only way the Democrats can win is to cheat -- get illegal aliens to vote multiple times, stuff ballot boxes, and similar crookedness.

If Trump wins, as he should, what insane new conspiracy theory will the left cook up to rationalize that?

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