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Charles N.Steele

And of course, leftists largely come from large urban centers and have never been to small towns. Their fevered imaginations create images of small towns that have no connections with reality.

I went from Montana to NYU as a grad student; students from east coast and Europe seemed to think Montana was part of the deep south, or what they imagined the deep south is like after watching a few movies. I came to realize they thought only America's coasts had been civilized.

New Yorkers I met were extremely isolated and provincial. I became friends with a 40 y.o. New Yorker who said to me he was so provincial he'd hardly been out of Manhattan to the other burroughs, and had lived only in Manhattan. He also told me he'd like to move because of better job opportunities elsewhere, but first he'd have to learn how to drive. I met many New Yorkers who had never driven. These are the people who can't imagine who everyone else can't just use public transportation like they do.

People in large urban centers are isolated -- from other humans, from nature, and from reality. Not good.

John Pepple

Montana part of the deep south?! Sheesh. And yes, not being able to drive is typical of New Yorkers. Every now and then someone from the coasts gets a job at Kenyon who doesn't have a car. I think they're crazy because Kenyon is so isolated. Even with a car it can be annoying. It's a half an hour just to get to the Interstate, and then another half hour to the nearest big city (Columbus).

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