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John T

I've been following the "Gibson v Oberlin" saga since William Jacobson, and Legal Insurrection, first started coverage in '16. What strikes me the most is the tone-deaf nature of the academic institution.

From their "Gibson's bakery is only worth $35K" to their "We were only interested in making sure the protests were safe for the students" defenses they clearly see themselves in a class above the community, who is only there to serve them.

In looking at the latest email blast from the college's president you clearly see a lack of understanding they could have avoided this whole thing if they weren't so caught up in this whole SJW and Trump Derangement Syndrome delusion. The fact they still don't believe they were wrong is telling.

I wonder what alumni donations will look like from this point forward?

John Pepple

Tone-deaf, yes.

Some commenters on Legal Insurrection seem to think they are counting on Soros to bail them out. If that is what they are thinking, and if Soros does bail them out, then I guess they can continue to be tone-deaf. But if their actions result in lowered alumni contributions, as well as lower enrollments, then I don't know if even Soros can help them.

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