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J. Reed Anderson

Stories like this, John, really make believe feminists are eager to make my wife and daughters chattel again. This woman made a decision, suffered consequences, and blamed others; she apparently believes she has no agency and is in need of paternal protection. In other words, these modern feminists seem eager for strong men to assuage them with, Don't you worry your pretty little head about such things, darling. And get me a sandwich.

Charles N.Steele

I burst out laughing when I read the article.

First, any fool who intentionally stands in random traffic trying to block divers for some cause unrelated to them is a nuisance at best and has asked for it. "Don't stand in traffic, moron."

Second, blaming the university, because some RA's allegedly liked the protest..wow! What a helpless little girl! J. Reed is right on target, except I wouldn't trust this dimbulb girl to make a sandwich.

Maybe this holds the answer to a question you raised in a previous post... if feminists are this helpless, maybe they *need* a man to rule them, and who better than a traditionalist Muslim?

John T

"Actions have consequences" as a teaching point in parenting, early education, and secondary education seems to have gone by the boards. The news and the education systems seem to focus more on victimhood than responsibility/consequences. Of course, lawyers live for the possibility of cash rewards for convincing a judge and/or jury their clients were just innocent victims. Sometimes it works,, sometimes it doesn't.

John Pepple

And college education. If Oberlin had done the sensible thing -- expelled the students who had shoplifted -- they wouldn't have a multi-million dollar award to pay to the local bakery. But they didn't like the idea that actions have consequences.

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