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Charles N.Steele

"Awful reporting" is such an understatement. This is a conscious attempt by NYT to subvert society; they are systematically producing such disinformation. They are enemies of those of us who desire a free, prosperous, and peaceful society.

Charles N.Steele

I read a variety of foreign press; there's still bias but it's less systematic and crazy than in the U.S. And by reading a variety I get different perspectives on the same stories, which helps.

Plus I read a variety of blogs and news aggregators.

I avoid NYT and WaPo because they systematically lie, and their lies aren't even interesting... you know what they'll say. Lies in the Chinese Communist press aren't always predictable and at least give you insight into the current Party line. It's a bad state of affairs when the press of a communist country is better than our "papers of record."

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