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John T

"Plus, ocean-going ships sail on it. What's missing?"


Charles N.Steele

A friend of mine from Illinois was talking to a young woman in Montana (but who was likely a Californian) who, when told he was from Illinois, referred to him as being from the "East Coast." We thought that was rather difficult to justify.

I agree with your Midwest list. But arguably agriculture defines the Midwest/West boundary. The West begins where the open range & cattle ranching begin, hence western Kansas, Nebraska, and Dakotas. East of there it's corn country.

The eastern boundary seems similar. The Appalachians are definitely not part of Midwest, and the farming areas of Ohio seem a likely boundary. There are places in New York state that are nearly as far west as Pittsburgh, so I have a hard time seeing how Pittsburgh is in the Midwest.

But maybe it's mostly a state of mind.

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