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John T

Everyone loves a good murder mystery (or conspiracy). You've got to admit this has the makings of a great John Grisham legal thriller.

Disgraced billionaire found dead in his cell. Who had the most to lose by his potential testimony, or who had the most to gain by death?

Tie that in with the long-standing rumors about how people who know too much about the Clintons seem to die mysterious deaths, and you have a ready-made plotline.

Unfortunately, the FBI and DOJ/IG are investigating and I doubt they will tie up all the loose ends as well as Grisham does in his novels. My money is on incompetence at a fairly low-level, probably due to climate change and the loss of Amazon jobs in Queens.

Charles N.Steele

FBI raided Epstein's island immediately, looking for evidence that might implicate high-ranking elites (Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew?) If they found anythin, I'm sure they gave it the same treatment they gave Hilliary's server (destruction before anyone else could examine).

John Pepple

It's pretty strange that they raided his island after he died. Hadn't they raided it beforehand?

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