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Charles N.Steele

It's truly bizarre that so many people have incorporated into their heads self-censorship and guilt over nothing. They let themselves be intimidated and led around by a tiny minority of radical lunatics.

I still have hope that there's a silent majority that will rise up in the west, but seeing the almost unopposed destruction of girls' sports at the high school level has me wondering.

If rationality can't prevail against this madness, it will be ruthlessness that does... which means a different civilization will supplant ours, e.g. Chinese, and that won't be a very nice thing.

John Pepple

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to this business, but it seems to me that Germaine Greer came out against transsexuals as women, and was shot down for it. Also, Martina Navratilova came out against them in women's sports, and was shot down for it. I suppose the average person thinks that if powerful women like those two couldn't make any headway, then there is no point in resisting.

Maybe if every women's studies professor in the country organized a big protest march against what is happening, things would change, but I don't think women's sports is one of their priorities (strange as that may seem). They aren't even willing to march against what happened in Rotherham, which is much more important, so I doubt if they will do anything to help women's sports.

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