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John T

When decisions are emotion-based they rarely, if ever, hold a longterm benefit. This was true then, as they raised the concerns of nuclear meltdown (i.e. China Syndrome). But there is one legitimate concern then that to my mind remains valid today. What to do with nuclear waste?

I'm not a physicist but I seem to recall that until we have Mr. Fusion (Back to the Future ref) we really don't have any option beyond stockpiling some rather bad stuff with long half-lives.

John Pepple

There is that, but countries in Europe have relied on nuclear power more than we have -- though they seem to be moving away from it -- and I assume they have some solution to this problem.

Plus, I assume if resources had been thrown at nuclear power, then the problem would have better solutions than what we have now. Instead, resources have been thrown at other sources of energy.

Charles N.Steele

In "Merchants of Despair," Robert Zubrin carefully analyzes nuclear power, and concludes the waste problem is greatly exaggerated -- both the danger and difficulty of storage -- and also argues nuclear power is safer than alternatives when done right. Zubrin's PhD is in nuclear engineering and he seems to know what he's tking about.

The whole book is an excellent analysis of the elitist environmental movement -- the ani-human movement as he characterizes the, correctly I think.

John Pepple

Thanks, I'll check it out.

Charles N. Steele

I believe it is in Chapter11 that he addresses nuclear power, but the entire book is excellent.


80& of France's power is nuclear. the US Navy has been driving nuclear reactors around the oceans for 70 years without incident. In fact, after 3 Mile Island, the NRC basically became a retire arm of the US Navy and adheres to standards far above what is necessary for stationary power.

The fear is completely irrational but explaining that you get more zoomies from UV radiation than you would from living next door to nuclear power is a non starter.

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