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Actually lots of people are arguing in favor of the Uighurs. It's a convenient weapon to bash China with.

This leads to the bizarre situation of hard leftists advocating neo-con regime change in China, up to and including military conflict. I always like to point this out to them, even though it never makes an impact on their beliefs.

John Pepple

I'm actually waiting for demonstrations. But I'll settle for links to these leftists. Do you have any, Harland? And thanks for the comment.

Charles N. Steele

I’ve never heard leftists calling for confrontation with a China. Unless Harland provides examples, I think it’s completely false.

Leftists don’t love muslims, they love islamists. Islamists condemn Western Civilization, so the left (including mainstream progressives) sees them as allies. The Uighurs aren’t attacking Western Civilization so the left doesn’t care about them.

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