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Charles N. Steele

Today's leftists can't even remember that pre Trump they laughed at the idea that Russia is an enemy of the U.S. They can't even remember that *this year* Joe Biden publicly bragged he threatened to cancel a promised $1 billion loan unless they immediately fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma, his son's company. How can they remember anything back in the 1970s?

OTOH, Iranians who had permanently left Iran told me about it, and were furious over it. I don't know how many were killed, but certainly thousands.

John Pepple

Maybe you could encourage some of these Iranians to write a book about it. Or have they already done so?

Charles N. Steele

Publicly criticizing the regime endangers one relatives back in Iran, and makes one a target for assassination. And leftists have placed themselves beyond rational argument. It’s hard to find people willing to do battle under these circumstances.

Here’s an old NYT article on an aspect Khomeini’s crackdown. This info is already available and leftists don’t care:


John Pepple

"Publicly criticizing the regime endangers one relatives back in Iran, and makes one a target for assassination." Oh, yes, too true. I hadn't taken that into account. For that matter, there might be Iranians here who are agents of the regime.

And thanks for the link!

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