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John T

Could it be the idea of investigative journalism is on the decline because it takes initiative and a desire to seek the truth as well as an editorial board/editor that supports the journalist? Both individual qualities seem to be in short supply in modern journalism and with regard to editorial support, the focus seems to be more on how quickly can they embellish and publish a liberal talking point than actually making sure the facts support the story.

John Pepple

Oh, absolutely. You'd need the editor's support, and that isn't likely to be forthcoming.

J. Reed Anderson

That's part of the problem John T, but there are at least a couple of others that create the larger problem. First, high school and college teachers can only teach what they know, and what they don't know is rhetoric and good writing. Second, the industry itself has created a workforce that gets blamed for the lies the college teachers and advisors keep telling graduates: You're brilliant and will get a $100,000 a year job as you exit the graduation dais. Wages for reporters rarely exceed $14 an hour, and $18 for editors. And third, what they have been taught is to parrot what they're given from government agencies because all Republicans lie.

Charles N. Steele

Regarding Epstein, there’s all sorts of circumstantial evidence that he was murdered. One of the experts at his autopsy said the broken neck bones were more likely a sign of having been strangled and there was no way to conclude suicide - he notes they then released the “suicide” conclusion w/o informing him.

Cameras off, guards asleep, suicide watch cancelled...

At least no people of any influence had any reason to want him dead...hah!

I wonder what the FBI raids on his island after his death turned up. I suspect that whatever it is we’ll never know.

John T

J. Reed Anderson, I agree with you up to a point but would challenge, or expand on an aspect of your statement.

a. Teachers can only teach what they know. On the surface absolutely true but what they think they know and how they feel about it really influences the education they provide. On a more basic level are they training journalists or are the educating individuals who want to be journalists? There is a real difference between training and education, and when educators shut down debate of opposing views they stop being educators and become trainers.

b. To your point on wages of reporters, the rate a company will pay for those services would suggest perhaps the individuals would be far better off if they had apprenticed or gone to a tech school rather than a university. In my opinion, you've just made the argument that everyone needs a college education, which I think is almost a prereq for any modern reporter.

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