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Charles N. Steele

I think it’s always a wealthier person hectoring others while trying to suck up more wealth and power for themselves. They are either scolding poorer people or people who haven’t bought the stupid and nonsensical notion of “privilege.”

Mark Spahn

What does "check you privilege" mean?
[1] Keep you privilege in check; do not exploit your privilege excessively.
[2] Verify the state of your privilege. (And do what about it?)

John Pepple

Presumably acknowledging that one is privileged and then keeping it in check.

Charles N. Steele

What the hell is “privilege?” The entire notion is nonsense. It includes a denial of individual rights and responsibility.

If person A has something desirable and person B doesn’t, it could be that A earned it, B didn’t... or perhaps A was given it by someone who did earn it... or perhaps B’s rights are being violated... or perhaps A stole it, maybe from B... in *none* of these cases is there a “privilege.”

“Privilege” denotes something given by some authority but not deserved, that the authority can just as easily take away — a permission. The new left adopted this terminology because it suits their postmodernist claims that there’s nothing but power relations, no such thing as ethics, for example. It’s postmodernist gibberish, designed to silence opponents by making clear thought impossible.

John Pepple

And of course the people using this phrase never take into account affirmative action.

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