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It's not that the 50s were conformist. It's that they were conformist *in the wrong way*.

You can shout at the left all you want like this. It makes no impact on them. They will happily oppress us into conformity for they do so with the approval of their own consciences.

Charles N. Steele

What was conformist about the 1950's? I think it's a nonsensical charge. First, people were largely in agreement -- WWII had been won, the Depression was over, and people were enjoying economic growth. Communism was an obvious threat. That the majority *agreed* on these points isn't a sign of conformity. What are we to think, that people should have been upset by the first three and happy about the fourth, to demonstrate "nonconformity?" (What's the big problem, Heike?)

Also, there certainly were non-conformist movements -- pro-communists for one, and the beat movement for another.

The left hates the 1950s. People tended to be happy, and it's hard for them to exploit happy people.

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