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Maya Markova

The number of deaths in Sweden is an order of magnitude higher than in Bulgaria (which is on lockdown), though population numbers are comparable (10 vs. 7 millions). And deaths in Sweden continue to increase fast.

John Pepple

Thanks for the info. I didn't really think their approach would work.

Charles N. Steele

OTOH, Sweden’s mortality rate has been lower than France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and others.


It is a terrible mistake to have epidemiologists design policy. It’s reasonable they can have input, but they have zero consideration of the additional consequences of their isolation strategies and don’t have training to do it. They seem unaware, for example, that humans need food, energy, and shelter, and that these must be produced. They do not have economic consequences of their policies, and economic downturns increase mortality. They also lead to political turmoil.

Further, most of the epidemiologists the media is touting sound as if they have no understanding at all of statistical methods. They calculate mortality rates but apparently can’t tell us what the rates of exposure and infection are.

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