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I tried sharing this, only to be shouted down because there is no attribution. No source, just "liberal said this."

You sure he's actually a liberal? I doubt it. Liberals believe in freedom of speech. They might disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.

Leftists, on the other hand, freely use censorship as a weapon of first resort. Their own positions are so weak that if people are allowed to point out the many problems, they would collapse.


The left hijacked the label liberal, something they have never been. After they ruined and destroyed the meaning they moved on to "progressive".

Left or Liberal?

What is a Classical Liberal?

John Pepple

No need to rely on me. Check out this link, whose content is roughly the same:


It’s about liberals (or progressives, if you wish) whining because the economic effects of the lockdown have finally hit them. In this case, it is journalists, but I suspect that we will be hearing soon enough in venues like the Chronicle of Higher Education about liberal or leftist professors who are complaining bitterly about reductions in their salaries, when they should be cheering at still having a job.

As for how I know he’s a liberal and not a leftist, he’s a friend of many years. If he is a leftist, he is certainly not as far left as I used to be. I would just as soon drop him as a friend, because he and our other liberal friends always want to inject politics into our conversations, but my wife says we need to keep our liberal friends because we have so few other friends.

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