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Maya Markova

Your questions are correct. Modern science is an expensive enterprise. Even a rich man like Darwin, while he financed himself during the long years when he wrote his works, got his ideas during the voyage of the Beagle, which was state-sponsored.

Charles N. Steele

The question is how the funders behave. Do they simply give funds because they are interested in the pursuit of truth and want to see what research will turn up, or do they have an agenda and know in advance what their funded pseudo-research must "find?"

The Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises observed that in Germany social scientists saw themselves as servants of the state and were devoted to "proving" Bismarckian policies right, while in Austria professors had freedom of inquiry and weren't expected to reach a pre-ordained conclusion. (Hence a wide variety of thought.)

I fear that today America and the rest of the world is tending towards the German model: pseudo-research to a preordained conclusion.

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