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J. Reed Anderson

I agree, John, that there seems to be little carryover betwixt the two, although each is sympathetic and accepting of the other because the two both believe in the American ideal.



It's a fascinating essay, and things have only gotten worse since then. Everything we've seen cements the theory that the Left sees the Right as The Other. We see it with Obamagate, where you've got the hard left praising deep state actors like Clapper and Brennan. Why would they side with these criminals in suits? Only because it lets them align against the real enemy: Americans.

We saw it when Biden was accused of sexual assault. By their own rules, he's out. Except, they suddenly did a 180 and began demanding due process and calling the accuser a liar. What part of #believeallwomen do they not understand? But it allows them to stand against their real enemies, Americans.

They will get on anyone's side who allows this. Remember when they repeated literal North Korean propaganda? To-wit, "dotard"?

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