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Charles N. Steele

Well said. In addition, the Democrat mayor ordered the police to surrender. The police removed weapons and most other sensitive material from 3rd precinct HQ yesterday (May 28) and took down the flag at 11:30 AM in preparation for surrendering the building to rioters that evening. Police and Fire Dept. abandoned 3rd precinct to antifa and Black Lies Matter thugs. This destruction is a political tool for Democrats. Note that Twitter is using this disaster to article Trump, and mainstream media still refers to “peaceful protestors” while mass looting and arson continue under watch of Dem governor and mayor, who do nothing.

Charles N. Steele

Your point about cities vs. backwaters is interesting and important. Modern cities have the potential to collapse into chaos quickly, because they are complex networks and products of modern civilization. Backwaters less so. Hence it is easier for the uncivilized, or for natural disasters, to disrupt a city. What backwaters lose in wealth of opportunities in normal times, they gain in resilience in bad times.

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