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Charles N. Steele

Interestingly enough, having worked to make cities unlivable, Democrats now plan to destroy the suburbs.

And their Green New Deal would definitely destroy rural America. They are pretty much trying to make all human life unlivable at this point.


John Pepple

I have a feeling they think their actions in their cities will win them lots of votes, but I think the opposite is true.

Charles N. Steele

Thinking of this further, the unrest is from the people who hate modernity and hate the Enlightenment. The idea of humans expanding to space - to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, repels them. They want to abolish technology, return to “nature,” and since man is naturally inquisitive and technological, they want to abolish man. Today’s left, haters of life.

John Pepple

Yes, it's strange that they hate the Enlightenment, but that is what they seem to do.

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