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Charles N. Steele

"I believe in Science" is the credo of a particularly obnoxious and dangerous kind of religious fanaticism. The people who say this are always referring to a set of doctrines which may not be challenged: anthropogenic global warming will kill us all unless we adopt socialism in the next ten years or so, men become women and women become men just by deciding to do so, there are no differences between men and women or among races, hydrochloroquine can't possibly help against coronavirus but loosely wearing a tissue on one's face and enturely closing the economy is extremely effective, gathering in a church or business or school spreads covid, but gathering for a Black Lives Matter riot is perfectly safe (so say the epidemiologists...Science has spoken!)...

Sceince is a method or set of methods. Anyone promoting a particular doctrine as "Science" is a dangerous religious dogmatist, ready to persecute heretics with the full power of the state.

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