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I have no idea whether Russia and Ukraine are going to go to war, but, if that happens, the Biden administration certainly is not going to intervene in it militarily. The Democrats' whole "Russia" thing is not about Russia, Ukraine or any genuine foreign policy issue, it is about having a stick with which to beat Trump and (now that Trump is gone) Republicans and anyone who supported him. Other than encouraging the 2014 Ukrainian coup (which was a project of one particular Hillary-protege former neocon ideologue in the State Department, Victoria Nuland, acting more or less without adult supervision, and without consideration of the consequences), the Obama administration never did anything to seriously inconvenience Russia in its pursuit of its various nefarious schemes, and often openly aiding those schemes (e.g. the Iran deal, obstructing US oil and gas production). There is no reason to believe the "Biden" administration will be any different.

Incidentally, it's been pointed out (I believe by Steve Sailer, though I haven't been able to find the post again) that the Obama administration first soured on Putin when he refused to permit a gay "pride" parade in Moscow. That's the sort of foreign policy issue the Democrats really care about.

John Pepple

I have read that they are shipping arms to Ukraine, but I can't remember where I saw it. That, of course, is different from actually intervening.


Trump also sent arms to the Ukrainians (which is more than what the supposedly staunchly anti-Putin Obama administration did - they just sent MREs).

Charles N. Steele

I must correct djf. There was no 2014 coup in Ukraine. The Euromaidan did not overthrow Yanukovych, and they were shocked when he abandoned his position and went to Russia. He did so at Russian behest, and Russia subsequently invaded Ukraine, seizing Crimea and other parts of eastern Ukraine. Also, Victoria Nuland did not organize anything, and certainly not Euromaidan, which was home-grown outrage from Ukrainians who were disgusted that Yanukovych unexpectedly turned his back on closer ties with Europe and began selling out Ukraine to Putin.

I followed the events very closely at the time because a number of my Ukrainian former students were active in Euromaidan and we remained in touch.

The truth about the Dems, Ukraine, and Russia, is that the Dems regularly sell out to the high bidders in both countries. They also support America’s traditional enemies, such as Iran. Note that Obama and Putin were in agreement on fundamental issues - e.g. JPCOA and also giving Russia a free hand in Syria. Dem opposition to Russia is all show.

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