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Kevin Kim

Japan and South Korea are both dealing with aging populations as well. It's definitely shaping the future as the demographic pressure becomes more palpable. And these are not cultures known for their nursing homes. That sort of elder care was unheard of twenty years ago (grandparents lived with their adult children); now, elder care exists, but it's still not a big part of the culture. Someone's going to have to take care of these people, and the younger generation, saddled with credit-card debt, is strapped for cash. The older generation has savings, I guess, but that will take them only so far.

Charles N. Steele

Economist Julian Simon did a great deal of work on population and population growth, and argued the evidence is overwhelming that population size and population growth are drivers of economic growth and higher living standards.

There's a caveat, though. This is assuming protected property rights, individual liberty, limited government, and a market economy. Otherwise a bigger population is just more mouths to feed in a stagnant or declining economy, accompanied by political repression.

All the things necessary for growth are things the left opposes. They create the very problems they claim to fear...and then make them worse.

John Pepple

The left doesn't like growth, and that is why it is important not to mention it when promoting certain policies. The right should talk about job creation instead of (economic) growth.

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