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I guess you aren't a fan of Central and South American soccer. A week or two ago, 4 players were struck by lightning at the same time. Players and refs are beaten and killed all the time, and many times so are the fans. Hell, in hell, I mean Iran, I've seen live grenades thrown at opposing players.

It's just the news, here in the U.S. is just so censored or we'd be seeing that machetes are just as bad as guns if not worse south of the border and several sun-soaked, failed nations in the Caribbean.

John Pepple

I used to subscribe to World Soccer (which comes out of Britain), and never read about the levels of violence you are talking about. I even traveled to Brazil and went to games there, and never saw such things. The worst I ever heard was that members of the Iraqi national team were tortured after a loss, but that didn't happen on the field.

How about a link?


A lot of the vile soccer violence/everyday life violence is on the local/semi-professional level in these countries and brutal beyond belief in the favelas and barrios which is why so many are heading north to the U.S. to escape. Following is the recent lightning strike and a couple of older ones including the grenade in Iran. So many recent ones are so gory and disturbing that they cannot be on Youtube and you can track them down on those gore sites and some directly from their individual countries.





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