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John T

If we are to abandon fossil fuel then I agree nuclear is the only real option to replace the primary source of power for the grid since we're not building massive dams anymore. But I don't dismiss the idea of disposal as lightly as you. The issue is really twofold: whose neighborhood do you leave it in and is there a cost-effective plan to eventually recycle or neutralize its lethal side effects? Perhaps these are more of a concern for me since I don't buy into the idea we'll have runaway global warming in a few years (or that unilateral USA action will change the outcome). I've also seen how ineffective the US Gov has traditionally been in maintaining any kind of long-term plan for environmental clean-up. Nuclear waste treatment will fall into that same on-again/off-again cycle until something bad happens. See this GAO summary. https://www.gao.gov/nuclear-waste-disposal

John Pepple

Well, I don't buy into the idea of runaway global warming, either.

Here are a couple videos on disposing of nuclear waste:



I don't know if these are on the right track or not.

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