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Just a couple of thoughts on "lowering taxes on the poor." First, as inflation raises the bar on who is really poor an ever-increasing number of taxpayers will fall into to category we call poor, and will not pay personal income tax at all. But that small savings will be eaten up by increases in all the other taxes they can't escape like sales tax, usage fees, or transportation costs.

I believe history has shown the more a Government prioritizes one segment over another they fail miserably at making life better for that segment.

Wouldn't it be simpler just to have a single flat tax for everyone? For a libertarian government, it would be like 10% to keep the lights on. For the Biden government, it would be like 90% to pay for all the things they promise to do for us.

Of course, this could never happen because it would put too many lobbyists and bureaucrats out of work.

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