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Charles N. Steele

This is a very important post. Unfortunately hardly anyone sees it.

In February 1998 Al Qaeda declared war on the United States. They managed to pull off a remarkably successful attack 3 1/2 years later. The U.S. response *should* have been all out war and annihilation or unconditional surrender of all the Islamists (AQ, Taliban, etc) but instead was a stupid half-fought intervention and twenty year nation building boondoggle. The U.S. has now been defeated in Afghanistan, all the Islamists know they’ve won a great victory, and their declaration of war is still on. This has just started. I have a hard time explaining such points to everyone, except some of my students, who don’t have fixed opinions and are actually trying to learn something.

We now have a senile old puppet as president, and his handlers have no interest in protecting Western Civilization. We are in very dark times.

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