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So it's bad for blue collar workers to have good jobs that pay well? Huh? I'm not seeing the problem here? Could you illustrate it better?

Just what on God's green earth is wrong with working people who make a lot of money? They're not fucking lazy. They're doing this for a reason.

Oh, dear, the poor managers! They have to be responsible to the workers? Heaven forfend! They can't abuse them like they do in every single other industry in the world, and have to watch what they do otherwise they get fired?

Can we have this system in literally every single other company in the USA?

Boy you got a colossally wrong take on this one.

John Pepple

What's wrong, as the article makes clear, is that the truckers are not making anything like as much and so are at the mercy of the crane operators. And the managers who ought to be making sure that things go smoothly are too afraid to do anything.

Ordinarily, I'm on the side of the workers, but I don't like workers slacking off. I had a friend who was briefly in East Germany because he wanted to send a letter from East Berlin. He waited in line at the post office for half an hour, even though there was hardly anyone ahead of him. The workers had no incentive to hurry, and that seems to be the situation at LA's port.

Let me add that thirty years ago I watched the port operation in Tacoma. The crane operators were amazing; they could grab a container from a ship and put it onto a waiting truck in about a minute. That doesn't seem to be happening now, though.

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