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Maya M

Regions with high vaccination rate may have surges in cases, but not in deaths.
Meanwhile, regions with low vaccination rate such as my Bulgaria continue losing people to COVID.
Science is often wrong, but it has brought us where we are now, and it is a cornerstone of Western civilization. Vaccines save lives, from Jenner's era to this day, and will continue to do it in the future, if civilization survives.

Charles N. Steele

One of my friends made the mistake of getting the wuflu vaxx. He’s never had Covid but now has all the symptoms of long covid. Doctors cannot figure out what is wrong. The wuflu vaxx is experimental, not properly tested, and far riskier than normal vaccines, as VAERS shows. But officials press for mandates and internal passports, the ultimate in control. Science has been hijacked by monopolists and power hungry government officials, and we are the worse for it.

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