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Maya M

I am definitely angry at people who don't get vaccinated. My friend recently returned from a trip to Denmark, delighted how people there live normally, socialize freely, very few wear masks and nevertheless the public health situation is good, because they have a high COVID vaccination coverage. Here in Bulgaria, many people distrust experts and believe conspiracy theorists, so we are forced to wear masks (and nevertheless have a sky-high mortality). Right now, I am exhausted from a double work load to cover for people who did not get vaccinated and respectively got ill. Because of such people who distrust science, I don't foresee a normal life in the foreseeable future. The curious thing is that we in Bulgaria have no leftists who claim that science is a racist patriarchal construct, so I have no idea where all this distrust to science comes from.

Charles N. Steele

Maya, you do not know angry. Anyone calling for a mandate - that governments should have the power to inject things into people regardless of their will - is utterly vile, and ought to be ejected from society.

Charles N. Steele

I should add, I do not distrust science. I distrust scientists. Like all other humans, they have political views, but they tend to think their knowledge of their scientific discipline qualifies them to make policy. They have no business at all prescribing public policy because they have no understanding of how societies function - they tend to be remarkably ignorant of economics, political theory, and moral philosophy.

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