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Charles N. Steele

These losers think higher taxes on the rich, more redistribution, and more regulation are the answer. They think the left has been in sufficiently leftist. They don’t realize that it is not hypocrisy that plagues the left, it’s leftism that plagues the left.

The typical Republican politician doesn’t recognize it either; they prefer being in opposition, merely slowing the spread of leftism to give themselves time to milk the system while left ruins it.

Kevin Kim

I got the same impression as Mr. Steele when I watched the same video last week: while there's some small evidence of self-awareness, the video's subtext remains liberal/left: "We're not trying hard enough to promote our principles." Ultimately, the video felt like a version of the old "leftism has never been properly implemented" argument. It would never occur to the video-makers to emphasize free-market solutions, deregulation, and individual freedom.

John Pepple

You may be right, though I'm just glad they were being self-critical.

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