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They are class traitors. Look in Marxian philosophy for the answer. They are every bit the enemy as workers who refused to rise up and charge the machine guns for the victory of communism. Traitors to their own kind. Elites who refuse to represent the interests of elites.

Ignore this "UR A HIPOCRIT LOL" nonsense. It means they don't have any other arguments. They don't allow themselves to be straitjacketed by this kind of discourse; why should we? They take private jets to climate conferences.

"You put me in mind of a case I ran into in the American West. A respected citizen shot a professional gunthrower in the back. When asked why he didn't give the other chap a chance to draw, the survivor said, 'Well, he's dead and I'm alive and that's how I wanted it to be.' Jamie, if you use sportsmanship on a known scamp, you put yourself at a terrible disadvantage."

-- Heinlein, Red Planet (1949)

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