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Kevin Kim

In my own recent post on Zemmour, I called him a nationalist-populist in the Trumpian vein. He certainly evinces a great, unabashed love of country, or at least a love of the France he once knew. I don't think you're wrong to place so much focus on the elites, but my own admittedly limited reading of the situation is that it's more than just the elites who are likely to say something like, "I'm ashamed to be French." It's the French left in general that's that way. So while I'll happily grant that the elites are problematic, I'd contend the problem extends beyond the elites to the regular proles on the left. And that makes this a pernicious, pervasive social ill.

My own post:

John Pepple

You have an uncanny ability to post things on days that I happen not to post, so I don't get around to noticing your posts until the next day. Sorry.

John Pepple

By the way, I left a comment on your blog, though it didn't seem to work. Oh, well.

Kevin Kim

Your comment arrived while I was out on a 35K walk. I've approved it (the comment, not the walk), so it's on display now.

My uncanny ability may have something to do with living in Seoul, which is 14 hours ahead of the US east coast. No worries if my comments aren't approved right away. I'm patient.

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