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Biden's best numbers were on Covid. With his decline in popularity, they are doubling down on Covid tactics to hopefully tap into that popularity once more. Unfortunately, Covid tyranny is not popular for the common man like it is in their elite echo chambers. So instead of increasing popularity, it id decreasing. Thinking they are not doing enough, they increase their measures more, and the cycle continues. At least, that is my general take on things. It is insanity though.

As for businesses like air lines and such will never go against it. That sweet sweet billions of dollars from the government they have been getting, in their second round of corporate bail outs, has incentivized them to be government propagandists to ensure the continual flow of money. This is textbook definition of fascism, a merge of corporate and state power. Yay!

John Pepple

"Unfortunately, Covid tyranny is not popular for the common man like it is in their elite echo chambers."

Exactly right. Thanks for your comment.

Charles N. Steele

Covid tyranny was not only about beating Trump. It is worldwide. It’s about empowering elites to impose the Great Reset. The World Economic Forum, UN, IMF, international corporations, various billionaires, many politicians, have all been upfront about reset. Y s, Trump and U.S. system were obstacles, but this is about more than that. It’s elites trying to put the common man into permanent serfdom.

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