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Dr. Richard Mueller from Berkeley Earth Sciences gave an outstanding overview of ClimateGate a few years back:


And as an intro to Dr. Mueller, he does think that we're causing the climate to warm, but hates the corruption that overtook the field.

John Pepple

Thanks. I'd call it lying for the cause rather than corruption, but whatever. And notice that at 31 minutes, he talks about not wanting to release data, which I think is a sure sign of a scientific scam.

Charles N. Steele

Here’s an example of corruption: IPCC SR15 (the report that shifted the limit from 2C to 1.5C) had two chapters on what to do. These chapters dismissed nuclear power, carbon capture, and carbon taxes, and endorsed political agendas totally unrelated to climate, especially international coordination of tax policies, international govt-to-govt financial transfers, and UN SDGs. The bureaucrats pushing this stuff would personally gain power and wealth. That’s corruption.

Then there are things like Tom Steyer’s massive donations to Hilliary’s 2016 campaign in return for her pledge to have federal government “invest” in half a trillion dollars of solar panels (guess what his company makes) or Al Gore’s attempt to set up a billion-dollar company to rake commissions from the proposed cap-and-trade program (happily it failed to pass). That’s corruption.

John Pepple

Thanks. I wasn't denying that there was corruption. I was referring to one incident in the video that Borepatch linked to, the incident of "hiding the decline." That is what I call lying for the cause.

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