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Charles N. Steele

“Why support any idealistic cause if later generations are going to lie about you and say you supported the exact opposite?”

You’d do it because it was worth doing. You don’t undertake Nobel causes simply to get accolades from later generations. And if malicious human trash such as progressives and critical race theorists and 1619ers lie about you, we’ll, that’s a badge of honor.

Charles N. Steele

That was supposed to say “noble” causes, not “Nobel” causes. Heh!

John Pepple

It works with either spelling!

Yes, of course, one would do it if it were worth doing. I'm only trying to get progressives to think carefully about how they talk about people from the past. Not that they ever will, of course.


The left is prone to infighting, and knows it. Thus they reject criticism of whatever the hivemind decides is legitimate, even if the criticism is correct.

The only result is more infighting, followed by the right spotlighting how the left is stupid and not interested in facts yet again.

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