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Kevin Kim

la grange = "the farm" in French

Kevin Kim

Sorry, I was drunk or senile or something. "La grange" actually means "the barn." In French, "the farm" is "la ferme," which also happens to sound like one of several ways to say "shut up" in French.

Ferme la bouche! = Shut your mouth!
Ferme-la! = Shut it!
La ferme! = Shut it!
Tais-toi! = Be quiet!
Ta gueule! = nasty way to say "Shut up," from the longer expression "Ferme ta gueule," literally, "Shut your animal-mouth."

This is what happens when you post a comment while half-asleep. Apologies.

John Pepple

No problem

Charles N. Steele

Kevin, if your half-asleep comments lead to interesting lessons like ways to say “shut up” in French, please keep them coming.

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