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Kevin Kim

I saw recent news that drug cartels are now taking over the southern US border and have begun a campaign of terror. Although I think I have a lot in common with the live-and-let-live sentiments of libertarians, I will never understand why so many of them are for open borders. Do they not understand that any body needs a skin, and if you remove that skin with a potato peeler, you allow in all sorts of deadly pathogens? How is that conducive to a healthier body?

John Pepple

I don't understand it, either. Not many people outside of the U.S. are libertarians, so letting them in means letting in a lot of people who don't agree with them on what the best form of government is.

Charles N. Steele

I’m a libertarian who has argued with the open borders crowd so I know something about this. Because unconstrained government is so often the great threat to liberty, many libertarians began developing a monomaniacal fixation on government as the source of all problems, and a utopian vision of society with government properly limited. They stopped being pro-liberty and started becoming anti-government. Hence border restrictions - associated with government and the state - started to seem bad to them, and and they are oblivious to threats to liberty from non-governmental sources, such as mobs of uncivilized anti-liberal foreigners. Many of them also argue foreigners have the *right* to come here if they want, and we have no right to stop them… oblivious of the fact that many foreigners come to collect welfare and free health care, commit crimes, impose sharia, etc. Consequences of open borders aren’t relevant.

It’s a crazy kind of self-imposed blindness; libertarianism is a rational and reasonable political philosophy, but the open borders libertarians take one dimension of it and turn it into a fanatical religion, without regard for consequences.

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