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Charles N. Steele

I was just talking with an attorney who plans on moving his family away from their upscale Denver suburb. He told me crime rates are soaring, and the response of his leftist neighbors is that wealthy victims are to blame. Criminals are not responsible for their own behavior, victims are.

Left is suicidal and insane.

John Pepple

I'd like to think that the numbers who continue to believe that are decreasing.


Look, there's a difference between the America-hating left and the corporate Democrats. The latter are neoliberal globalists who want to use US power to conquer the world like they're playing a game of Risk. Afterwards they will disband national governments and have a global governance, inescapable and whose authority is supreme.

The America-hating left just wants to destroy America, white people, and Western culture (in any order) because they identify those with everything bad in the world. (where "bad" means "successfully resisting Marxism and the mass murders they planned afterwards")

Two totally different factions and this post confuses the two. Go read https://hexbear.net/ for the America-hating left's views on just about everything. They hate the corporate Democrats more than the right does.

John Pepple

Well, Harland, if a war breaks out over Ukraine, and Biden gets the U.S. involved, will these America-haters have a protest march? I'm guessing they won't. They haven't protested against a Democratic president since Johnson was in office.

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