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Kevin Kim

We live in an age of self-curated news feeds, meaning we can choose to see and read only what we want to. This has the effect of putting us into our own little bubbles, making it extra difficult to reach out and see what "the other side" might be saying. Okay, granted, it's not THAT difficult to find out what the other side is saying, but once we're in our bubbles, many of us get lazy. And if something is outside our particular bubble, well, it must be a conspiracy theory.

Various studies show that conservatives normally tend to be better at reading around than liberals/leftists are. For whatever that's worth.

Charles N. Steele

In addition to Kevin’s comment (extending it, really), I’d add that our experiences and observations are almost never random samples, and this goes beyond the problem of echo chambers. We err whenever we treat them as if they are. We should pay attention to evidence, of course, but always remember the selection problem.

Regarding countries hit with coronavirus, Italy was one of the very earliest to report many cases and deaths, prior to Iran I believe. Iran and Italy both had large numbers of Chinese workers for the Belt and Road Initiative, and a lot of them returning from China after Lunar New Year. I’m not sure that author found something that can’t be explained by the standard account of Chinese origin.

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