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#1, absolutely true. Steven Den Beste was blogging about this 15 or more years ago from an engineering point of view. Most people have no concept of how much energy a modern industrial society requires, and the idea that we can generate enough from such diffuse and unreliable sources as windmills and solar panels is delusional.

#2, well, it's probably just as well that we didn't build a lot of nuclear plants 50 years ago. Today's technology is **much** better -- smaller, more reliable, more scalable, and especially . . . safer. We should be building them now.

#3-6, couldn't agree more.

#7, well . . . I understand the rhetorical point you are making, and I agree that many if not most environmentalists/tree huggers/moonbats are, if not stupid then stridently ignorant, but I hesitate to brand them as "evil." This seems to illustrate the kind of political discourse we have today: civility is dead; our ideological opponents are not merely mistaken or misinformed, they are stupid and evil. I think this is going too far. It seems to me that most left wing types are basically decent people who want the same sort of things we do -- the greatest good for the greatest number, to put it concisely -- but choose very bad means to accomplish that goal. I suppose I should mention that several members of my immediate family, including my beloved daughter, are environmentalist nitwits -- but I love them anyway. They are decidedly *not* "evil."

John Pepple

You're right. I should have said "stupid or evil." Thanks.

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